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  • Polyethyleen Snowflake (250mm) – 40 variations set

    Hanging snowflakes are made of a light and durable plastic material. They are simple to use and will give a great effect when hung in multiples.

    The flakes have a very interesting and glistening texture and look, which allows light to pass through giving a glowing effect in the right light. Flakes come with a hole punched at the end of one arm to allow for threading and hanging.


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  • Snowblanket supersoft 5kg


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  • Soft Throwable Snowballs Set (4pcs)

    Fake snowballs x 4
    Soft & great fun for snowball fights
    Light and safe to throw
    artificial snowballs that are durable and safe

    Soft Fake Snowballs for snowball fights.
    These are safe and soft snowballs weighing approx 20g each.
    Made from 95% polyesters and 5% PVC, these artificial snowballs can be thrown without the danger of causing any harm.


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