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Artificial Ice

  • Ice Sparkle and shaker 150g

    Incredibly reflective
    Coverage – loads
    Superior alternative to glitter
    Will dress 7square meters of Display Snow
    Works well with other products

    A completely clear, precision laser-cut particle with no black bits – like glitter.
    Aluminised on one face, Ice Sparkle has incredible reflective properties and can be used to create a shimmering, sparkling, crystal ice effect when used in conjunction with any of our snow materials.
    Works best with Display Snow.


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  • Icicle set – Acrylic – Medium

    Icicles – Clear acrylic – medium icicle set
    Clear, strong icicles
    Extremely realistic
    UV stable
    11 icicles on a 300 mm (approx) bar
    Lengths min- 70mm – max-185mm

    Actual size of each icicle 70mm, 120mm, 70mm, 150mm, 170mm, 95mm, 105mm, 165mm, 95mm, 165mm, 145mm, 75mm, 70mm, 120mm, 110mm, 185mm
    Icicles – Clear acrylic – medium icicle set. You don’t see real icicles that often, but when you do they are fascinating. We thought we’d give you the chance to enjoy them whatever the weather with these sets of clear resin icicles that you can fix as a 300 mm bar, or cut to fix in realistic clumps to mantlepieces, window ledges or roof eaves. You can even drill these plastic icicles to make hanging decorations for your tree, or a Christmas chandelier.


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  • Icicle Set – Acrylic – Small

    Fake Icicles – Clear acrylic – Small icicle set
    Clear, strong icicles
    Extremely realistic
    UV stable

    These clear, and strong, realistic acrylic icicles can be used wherever you choose. Simply cut from the bar and glue into place, tools not provided.
    Used in many film and television productions as well as within many events and visual merchandising displays these icicles look just like the real thing.
    UV stable, these icicles will not discolour in direct sunlight.


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  • Icicle Set – Resin – Small

    Artifical Icicles – size small
    Clear, strong resin icicles
    Extremely realistic
    UV stable
    16 Icicles on 300mm bar


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  • Spray Frost


    Easy to use aerosol spray for producing an extremely realistic and long lasting ice crystal effect on glass surfaces.

    For optimum effect it is important to ensure that the glass surface is clean and dry before application. Watch as the ice crystals appear giving an amazing icy texture.

    Easily removed with hot water the effect will last until it is cleaned away.

    Coverage: Approximately 4 sq m per can.


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