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SnowSparkle – 1Kg

A finely granulated, light weight, plastic snow that perfectly replicates the properties of crisp icy snow. Ideal for top dressing other Snow Business materials to give a shimmering icy look, or excellent when used alone.

Just like real ice crystals SnowSparkle sparkles when lit but, unlike glitter, blends in perfectly with other snow materials when unlit. These properties are ideal for camera work but can also be used to great effect for displays and event dressings. Top dressing SnowSparkle under bright lights creates a stunning winter wonderland effect.


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It can also be used as a frost dressing when bonded to surfaces with water, PVA, spray mount or other adhesives. Other popular uses include falling snow on small scale models, make up and floristry.

Due to it’s many applications and ease of use this is one of our most successful products.

Coverage: 500 grams per square metre for heavy cover and up to 10 square metre as top dressing.

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 18 cm